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Delivery Fleets Going Green

NGV at a gas pump
Companies like amedes and UPS are moving toward making their delivery vehicle fleets greener with NGVs.
Image: Shutterstock

Hospitals frequently transport blood and tissue samples, and some are looking for more environmentally-friendly ways to do so. One example is amedes Medical Services in Germany, which aims to work natural gas vehicles (NGV) into its fleet, thanks to a partnership with Volkswagen Leasing GmbH.

The amedes fleet has a total of 340 delivery vehicles, 216 of which focus on transporting blood and tissue. The company’s board, including Rene Kern, chose to begin replacing their diesel delivery trucks and vans with something more ecofriendly and renewable in March of this year with the addition of four NGVs. By March of 2017, the fleet will include 105 NGVs.

NGVs are less expensive, cleaner, and potentially an abundant, local product that could help build a stronger green economy. An NGV produces carbon dioxide emissions of about 79 grams per kilometer—half of what the formerly-used diesel vehicles created. And given that the amedes fleet runs more than 500 deliveries a day, traveling a total of about 15 million kilometers, that’s a lot of air pollution kept out of the atmosphere!

Other professional fleets of delivery vehicles, such as UPS, are also exploring the NGV option. The UPS partnership with Landi Renzo USA is allowing them to more than double the number of NGVs in their fleet.

“We couldn’t be happier to see the planned deployment of these 600 delivery trucks,” said Andrea Landi, President of Landi Renzo USA. “After several years of conducting testing through pilot programs, an order like this validates the trust that a global company like UPS has in our alternative fuel products.”

In addition to the vehicles themselves, UPS has already installed eight NGV fueling stations in California, Colorado, Georgia, and Oklahoma. They also use NGV vehicles in Germany, the Netherlands, and Thailand.

Whether it’s medical samples or packages, delivery fleets are increasingly turning toward NGVs as a more renewable, sustainable option when it comes to transportation.

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