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Why We Need Companies like Resource Environmental Solutions

Every company is in it for a profit, but not every company believes that doing good for the world is profitable—or possible. However, companies like Resource Environmental Solutions (RES) are making a difference in the ways businesses give back to their communities, making the world a better place.

RES is the largest and fastest-growing provider of ecological solutions to businesses in the country, helping more companies incorporate a commitment to ESG into their business practices.

RES offers commercial solutions that help companies mitigate risk from operations in environmentally sensitive areas like wetlands and preserved habitats. The company can provide impact analyses for development projects, streamline the regulatory permissions process, and assist in the creation and implementation of conservation and restoration practices. RES has helped with ecological restoration all across the United States.

Private equity firm KKR recently invested in RES. Ken Mehlman, KKR’s Global Head of Public Affairs, said, “This investment builds on our efforts to create value by improving environmental impacts at KKR portfolio companies and also by investing more than $5 billion in companies whose missions are to improve the environment, build human capital, promote health, and solve societal problems.”

Without companies like RES, corporations might continue to harm the environment, building in sensitive areas without regard for what could be lost. ESG needs to be recognized for the essential element of business it is: the world will only be saved if companies can make a profit from it, so there is no other option than to marry business with ethical practices. Research indicates that consumers are more willing to buy from companies they believe follow ethical practices and help sustainable causes, too.

If more companies provide ecological solutions like RES, or if businesses create solutions that allow other sectors to be more environmentally and socially responsible, corporations will have no choice but to participate ethically if they want to make a profit. Easy access to ESG practices will encourage companies to implement them. And the more companies that adhere to ESG practices, the better the world will be.


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